Acupuncture by Christine Miller, L.Ac.

“Embrace the Spirit of the Healer Within”


Acupuncture Consultation (10-15 minutes): free

Acupuncture Treatment (50-60 minutes): $70.00 

NADA/Addictive Behavior Control Treatment (45 minutes) : $50.00

Ear Coning: $50.00


Health Insurance:

Did you know that many Health Insurance Plans now cover Acupuncture? Actual Acupuncture coverage varies from plan to plan. I am an In-Network Acupuncture Provider for several Health Insurance Plans, such as Kaiser, Secure Horizons, Pacific Care, Anthem Blue Cross and United Health just to name a few. 

I would be more than happy to inquire about Acupuncture Coverage with your current HMO for  you.

Christine Miller, L.Ac.
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